Protest tegen Boerenprotest

Protest tegen het boerenprotest > Naast Martijntje zien de tractoren op het Malieveld er machteloos uit. Toen ze hoorde dat meerdere provincies gezwicht waren voor het tractorgeweld van boze boren, trok Martijntje met haar protestbord naar het Malieveld. De boeren waren niet blij. “Met zo’n bord moet … Lees verderProtest tegen Boerenprotest


Jayden > He looks like a new born baby. But Jayden is two years old. He’s severely handicapped and so is his brother. They are taken care of by their parents and elder sisters. Jayden is their little star, the family revolves around him.  But … Lees verderJayden

Like a window in your heart

Like a window in our heart > In my early days of struggle with climate change, I saw myself reflected in my fellow amateur photographers. While aiming our cameras, were we in fact distracting ourselves from seeing the world as it is? 


Activists > Climate activist. It took me a while to call myself a climate activist. It helped that I got to know so many great, warm and caring climate activist. They told me an activist is someone who wants to change things. And I sure … Lees verderActivists

Riot police

Riot Police > This was in Paris. Way before I started demonstrating myself, against climate change.  My then-boyfirend and me, the one moment we were enjoying musicians. The next moment we were in the ‘line of fire’. Everything changed so quickly.  I was intrigued how people reacted … Lees verderRiot police